7 Affordable Ways To Enjoy Better Quality Food

Everyone wants to save money on grocery shopping and sometimes they skimp on quality thinking this saves money.

The truth is, eating nutritiously on a budget can be done with proper planning and thought. In fact, if you eat higher quality, high nutrition foods you can save money in both the short run, and the long run. You’ll save money at the register, but you’ll also save money at the doctor!

Skip Animal Products — I know this seems hard, but the truth is every day more scientific evidence is pointing to the necessity of humans dropping animal products from their diet. There is no true scientific research that suggests we must eat animal products to be healthy. This isn’t even about animal rights or animal cruelty; it’s about the wallet, and your health. There is no nutrient that you can get from animal products that can’t be had in the plant world.

Grow Your Own — Even if you only have a small porch or balcony you can grow a lot of your own food from tomatoes, to lettuce, to bell peppers and more. Even if you want to grow inside you can. Today, with grow lamps you can grow sprouts, herbs and other veggies inside a spare room.

Shop Farmer’s Markets — Food is less expensive when in season, that’s why farmer’s markets are such fabulous places to shop. Often, if you choose to buy in bulk farmers will give you a discount. Also, pick your own farms are huge savings, plus you get sunshine and a day with the family that saves money rather than spends it.

Learn Preserving Techniques — When growing or buying produce in bulk it’s important to learn how to preserve it. Whether that is learning canning, or freezing, or fermenting, it doesn’t matter as long as you learn how to make your food last longer.

Stop Buying Processed Foods — Most of the “food” in supermarkets is not food at all. Did you know that white sugar is processed in exactly the same way that heroine is processed? High fructose corn syrup is even worse. Most processed foods are not foods at all, they are drugs. They have no nutritional value, and simply cost money and add nothing to your diet worth keeping.

Drink Water — No one needs to drink either pasteurized juice, cool aid, soda, or any type of sweet beverage, and that includes so called diet choices. The best beverage for everyone is water. You can use your regular tap water. Nothing is wrong with it. It can be a good idea to purchase a filter that removes anything that might be in the water, as well as one that “adds minerals” for taste until you and your family get used to drinking water. You’ll save money, and your family’s health.

Go For Whole Foods — The closer to nature a food is, the better it is for your health, but the better it is for your wallet too. For instance, replace sugary cereals with a huge canister of long cooking oats. “Long” cooking is really not true. It takes five minutes. If you have a Vita Mix or another high speed blender you can actually “cook” the oats in the blender while you get ready for work.

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