7 Fool-Proof Ways To Save Money When Doing Your Groceries

Groceries are one of the major expenses in a household. If you do not plan for it the right way, you will end up spending more than your allotted money or budget for it.

When grocery shopping, you have to be thrifty. You have to do whatever it takes to save money and shop smartly.

You want the family to eat well but you cannot just spend money to get that. To help both your wallet and waistline, here are foolproof ways that you can save money on your grocery shopping:

  • Look Around – You have a favorite grocery store to shop in but it will pay to check out other grocery stores too. Check out the newspaper for grocery coupons where you can save a few dollars. You can check out online groceries and warehouse stores also. They might offer you more affordable prices for specific brands.
  • Plan – Make a list of all the important things you need to buy and nothing else. After writing down the necessities, write down extra things if you have extra in your budget. Planning ahead of time will help you keep track of your expenses plus this will limit your trips to the grocery store as well. Thus, you can save more money.
  • Go Alone – It is fun to have company while shopping but going alone is best to save money. Do you know that you can save $20 on your total grocery bill if you leave your husband and kids at home?
  • Eat First – Eating before you go grocery shopping will be very helpful in saving money. When you are hungry, you crave for more food. You can easily fall prey to marketing gimmicks in the supermarket. You will end up buying more than you should because you cannot resist trying out the free samples.
  • Bulk Buying – There is a difference between bulk buying and over buying. If you happen to come across a sale on a specific item, you can buy in bulk but make sure that the amount is just right. Over buying, just because the item is on sale might prove to be wasteful later on. It will just rot in your fridge or kitchen cabinet.
  • Know the Good Deals – Those big signs in the supermarket showing marked down prices will catch your attention immediately but do not be too quick in loading your grocery cart. Do the math and calculate if it will really save you money. This will help determine if these are really good deals or not.
  • Being loyal to a grocery store has its benefits. You can be part of their loyalty or VIP program and receive rewards, savings and coupons. These tips may look pretty simple but they are very effective.


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