Who Else Wants To Enjoy Baking Without All The “Sticking” Mess?

Silicone Baking MatDear Baking Enthusiasts,

Have you grown tired of the mess you have when you bake? We are talking about:

  • Food sticking to your baking sheet
  • Uneven baking results
  • Burnt residue
  • Even the need to use rolls of parchment paper and oil which does not guarantee to be an effective non-stick solution.

Our RedLantana™ Silicone Baking Mat is your durable, non-stick baking solution. It is made of fiberglass fabric with silicone coating. It is perfectly safe, FDA approved and certainly will make your baking time enjoyable.

“I absolutely love this baking mat. Every time I bake cookies I either have to scrape the pan, use even more butter for them to slide off, or buy wax paper but not anymore! This baking mat is really what it claims to be: non-stick and makes the cleaning process so much easier! I loved it and I am planning to buy a few to give as gifts for a few of my fellow bakers. I even baked a pizza on it and I had no issues. So happy with this product!” ~Jennifer 5-star

Why Choose RedLantana™ Silicone Baking Mat?Silicone baking mat with bread

  1. Easy To Use: Non-stick silicone coating for your easy, no-mess solution
  2. Easy To Clean: Simply wash with water and soap
  3. Easy To Store: Flexible fiberglass fabric allows it to be rolled up and save storage space
  4. Safe and Perfect for Everyday Baking: Consistent & even heat distribution for temperatures from -40ºF to 480ºF

Every RedLantana™ Silicone Baking Mat is manufactured to the highest quality, which makes it possible to be re-used for over 2000 times, saving you dozens of parchment paper rolls or foils, provided that products use and care instructions are closely followed.

“Works as advertised, no sticking and good quality. Great alternative to the other guys, you wouldn’t even notice any difference.” ~Eric 5-star

How To Get Your Silicone Baking Mat

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