How To Soften Brown Sugar

How many times have you reached for the package of brown sugar on the shelf and found it to be hard as a rock? Do you just throw it out and head for the store for a new package? This problem usually happens because the sugar dries out and the added molasses sticks it together like glue. Most brown sugars these days are simply white sugar with some molasses added back in. But…

How do you fix this problem?

If you need it quickly, a short term solution is to microwave it. Place the brown sugar in a covered dish and microwave on high. 30 to 60 seconds should do it depending on the amount of sugar. Repeat if necessary. Watch the brown sugar very carefully so that it doesn’t start to melt on you.

No microwave? No problem.

You can also place your hardened brown sugar on a pie plate and stick it in the oven for about 5 minutes. Use a low temperature setting like about 250F.

Placing a slice of bread or a slice of apple in a container with the hardened brown sugar will also do the trick. This will help get moisture back into the brown sugar. You will need to let it sit over night for full effect, so use this method only when you don’t need the brown sugar right away. Be sure to remove the bread or apple when the brown sugar is softened.

If you just need to break up some hardened lumps in your brown sugar, try sticking it in a food processor or a blender. Don’t try this with a large block of hardened brown sugar. This method does work great with lumps and small pieces.

So how do you keep that fresh bag of brown sugar from getting hard in the first place?

The best way is to keep your brown sugar stored in a sealed container or ziplock bag. This will keep air from getting to the brown sugar and drying it out. Your brown sugar should stay fresh and soft for a long time this way.

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