Freezing Your Baked Goods

Freezing is an excellent way to have desserts on hand when you do not have the time to prepare one or when unexpected guests arrive for dinner. All you need to do is carefully follow these guides for freezing prepared desserts. These hints to freezer success are important:

  • Cool the food quickly and completely.
  • After cooling, package food in a moisture and vapor proof packaging. Double wrapping is best. Be sure all air is out of the package. Oxygen is the leading cause of freezer burn.
  • Seal the package carefully. Improperly packaged food will become dry and will absorb flavors of other foods. Make sure package is stored away from fish or other foods with strong odors.
  • Label all packages with date and contents. Use the food while it is good – check to see how long it can be stored.


Almost all cakes can be frozen from fruit cakes to cakes made from mixes. Cakes which are baked before freezing are best for freezing. These cakes can be stored for three to four months. Unbaked cakes are not as successful for freezing as those which are baked. They can only be stored for about two weeks in the freezer.

To thaw baked cakes, allow the cake to remain out at room temperature for about three to four hours. Cupcakes or smaller cakes will thaw in about 15 to 20 minutes. If you have frozen the batter of a cake, allow the batter to thaw completely before placing in the oven.


Pies can be frozen either baked or unbaked. Some pies are best frozen baked, others unbaked. Fruit and mincemeat pies are especially good for freezing. To thaw a baked pie, place the pie in the oven at a low temperature and it will thaw in about 30 minutes. Place an unbaked pie in the oven and allow an extra twenty minutes for cooking. This will allow plenty of time for the pie to thaw and cook.


Freeze cookie dough or the baked cookies all along as you are baking cookies and you will have a wide variety of cookies on hand. Some cookies that freeze well are shortbreads, peanut butter, chocolate chip and brownies. Some cookies, especially the ones that crumble easily, should be frozen in the dough form. Cookie dough can be frozen for four to 6 weeks. Baked cookies thaw in about 15 minutes. The dough for cookies should thaw until it is soft.

Thawing out cookie dough can take several hours. Try this the next time you are baking cookies. Form dough into balls and freeze on a cookie sheet. When they are frozen put them into ziplock bags and store in the freezer. The next time you need cookies, pull out what you need, place on cookie sheets and bake while still frozen. This technique will work equally well with cut-out cookies. Add a few cookies to the freezer every time you make cookies and it won’t be long before you have a good selection readily available.

Never be caught short on desserts again when unexpected guests show up. These simple steps will have you looking like a pro in the kitchen as you quickly whip up a beautiful dessert for your guests.

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